Hunter Jones is committed to providing a great service and ensuring all of our clients understand we only act as an introductory agent.

Although we are not required to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we choose to operate our business according to the principles and guidelines of FCA regulation. Therefore:

  • We will act only as introductory agent and will not offer financial advice
  • We will ask all UK clients to declare they are either a High Net Worth or Sophisticated individual
  • Each client will be allocated their own Account Manager
  • We will encourage all clients to undertake independent financial advice before deciding to purchase loan notes
  • We will encourage all investors to see the development property for themselves
  • We will carry out our own due diligence to ensure the loan note issuer has a proven track record.
  • We will explain the product and provide service information in a way that clients can understand
  • We will not pressure or force any client to proceed if they do not wish to do so
  • We will respect our clients’ privacy and will treat all your information as private and confidential
  • We will never handle client funds directly

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