Hunter Jones

General Questions

Hunter Jones are experts in UK and European property-backed interest-bearing Loan Notes. Our specialist knowledge and strategic approach allows us to introduce you to innovative property loan note opportunities offering steady and secure returns.
We do not charge you a fee for the services we provide we are paid a commission by the loan note issuer.
Hunter Jones was established in 2013 by its co-founders, Dean O’Neill and Reece Mennie; the latter of whom continues as the Managing Director.
We are not required to be regulated. However, Hunter Jones prides itself on operating to FCA standards and requirements.
No. We are simply an introducer, introducing private investors to a range of UK and European investment opportunities. Unlike our competitors, we do not sell any property.
The loan notes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed before maturity and therefore are only suitable for high net worth or sophisticated investors (who fully understand the risk). Interested parties are therefore required to certify that they do in fact qualify as either a high net worth or sophisticated investor and they understand the risks that are involved.

Loan Note Questions

A Loan Note is a professionally structured financial instrument; it is a legal contract that specifies the duration of the loan, when the loan is to be re-paid and the interest payable.

Loan Notes are becoming an increasingly common part of the smaller company finance landscape, taking over the role previously held by banks and investment houses who have benefitted from such high returns but simply haven’t passed them on to savers.
Under these circumstances, the Loan Notes would form part of your estate and the executors of your estate would hold title to the Loan Notes. Your executors would hold the Loan Notes until their redemption or, in such exceptional circumstances the issuer might be prepared to redeem the loan note early.