High fixed returns with the
security of bricks and mortar

The smarter alternative to buy-to-let.
Be a lender, not the landlord™.

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Property Bond Options
  • Terms of 1 – 3 years
  • 10 – 12% interest per annum
  • Interest paid annual / quarterly
  • Investments secured against ‘bricks and mortar’ assets
  • FCA regulated Security Trustee
  • Dedicated client relationship team
  • Over £50m raised for UK property developers

What Our Customers Say

From my experience, I’m happy to recommend Hunter Jones. My two investments provide regular documentation and video updates on the progress of the projects, which is reassuring and professional. Eric, Enfield


We partner with trusted


Only rigorously selected
developers – verified,
trusted and with a proven
track record


You invest in property back loan notes

By investing in loan notes, you achieve a good spread of risk across multiple property assets


We pay annual fixed
returns to investors


Our developers pay us
interest in return for
access to capital, enabling
us to pass this return onto
our investors